What If My Four-Legged Kids, Hate my Two-Legged Kid?

Along this beautiful journey of our friendship, you will come to learn that those two up there, are my little men. Zeus in green and Atlas in blue; my current first- and second-born, if you will. 

They are spoiled AF, but of course they are–there aren’t any human children in the house for us to dote on left and right. I mean, they have their own Instagram account (shameless plug: @zeustheminipoodle)

That really got me thinking, though. What’s going to happen when a human child DOES come into our lives? What if the dogs absolutely hate the child, and don’t accept them into our familial pack? I have heard horror stories of when couples bring a baby home, and try to nip at the baby. I remember seeing a flyer, attached to a lamp post near my neighborhood, of a couple trying to re-home their dog, since the dog didn’t get along with the new addition. 

On the flip side, I have heard and seen wonderful stories, where dogs wholeheartedly embrace their new pack member. They cuddle with it, love it, and treat it like their own. 

Not judging a book by its cover, but please see Exhibit A

That is Hulk, of Dark Dynasty K9s. Okay, yes. You take one look at this 175-pound pit bull, muscular as all hell, and think, oh there is no possible way that this dog could ever embrace a baby into his pack? 

Please see Exhibit B:

Or Exhibit C:

This dog is FANTASTIC. This is a perfect example of how you CANNOT judge a book by its cover, and how it is 100% possible for dogs and children to live harmoniously. 

Have any of you ever dealt with this? If so, how did your dogs handle the baby? Did you find that the dog(s), in a way, understood that you were pregnant, before you even had the baby? I have heard that animals can. interestingly enough, smell the pregnancy. 

I’m hoping for the best with this one, but I may just have to keep this baby dressed in a dog costume at all times. 


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  1. I think as pack animals, they will recognize their new two legged family member and welcome them. They’ll smell the baby months before they even meet the baby. It’s all good. You’ll see. And if not, well, they’re always welcome in Arizona 🙂

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