The Business (and Pressures?) of Getting Pregnant

Happy Saturday, fam!

Okay, so you and your significant other have made the decision to try and get pregnant. You have made it known to your friends and family that you have made the decision to try and get pregnant. Now, the only question you seem to get over and over again is, “so, are you guys pregnant yet?”

But what if you aren’t? 

I have seen and heard that for many couples that the choice to get pregnant, which seems so simple at first, can become quite cumbersome. In many cases, it seems like it becomes too all-consuming. 

For all of you Sex and the City fans, I am sure we all remember Charlotte and Trey’s (in)fertility battles, and when it was discovered that Trey was unable to have children, it ultimately destroyed their marriage. Charlotte wanted a baby so badly, and just didn’t feel that it was right for her to have to give that dream up.

So, how does one handle the pressure that comes with this decision? When people ask what’s taking so long, how does one respond? 

My husband and I believe that we are going into this as two, healthy adults, capable of making a baby, but for those that find out that that is not the case, how do you handle that? If you told people close to you, do you or did you regret it?

It’s funny, in my opinion, how a decision that is such an intimate one to make between two people, seems to become the business of so many outside parties. Once you make it known that you want to become parents, everyone thinks they know best and can offer you the best advice possible. While they may have the best intentions and your best interest at heart, their assistance might do more harm than good.

With so many factors that come into play trying to get pregnant, how did you or do you, handle the pressure?


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  1. I have two teenagers, one 19 and the other 16. I remember the anxiety when my husband and I began this journey over 20 years ago. So my suggestion is this, don’t be anxious or allow others to pressure you. Relax and enjoy the process.

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