Post-Baby Regret Doesn’t Really Exist

Don’t let the title fool you. Not being a mom yet, I certainly can’t REALLY say that with confidence.

Let me begin by saying, that when it comes to travel, I have been extremely fortunate in my life. I am not even 30 years old, and I have had the privilege and opportunity to travel to four different continents. With the high cost of travel today, I never take these opportunities for granted. Check back for a future post on how Mr. Millennial Mom and I are using baby preparation expenses to afford future travel.

I have seen and heard that many couples that decide to have children early on in life and may experience some level of regret—where they may feel like they have not had the opportunity to travel and experience things, because they now have the added responsibility of children.

Now that my husband and I have made the decision to expand our family, I find myself sitting back and thinking to myself, that I truly feel like having a child will not hinder me from missing out on life. I have walked the Great Wall of China. I have stood on a glacier in Iceland. I have placed a prayer into the Western Wall. I have seen animals I never thought I would ever see, on a safari in South Africa. I have visited several U.S. National Parks and have seen so many wonders that our country has to offer.

When I look back on my past, I feel fulfilled. Is there more left that I have yet to see? Of course. My thirst and hunger for experience is insatiable. The beautiful part of it now, though, is I will have the opportunity to expose my children to culture, travel, and experiencing life to the fullest.


I know it won’t be easy, but it will be so damn worth it.



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  1. I also don’t have kids but planning to have one soon. My husband keeps saying, “Let’s cover as many destinations as possible before we have kids.” We have seen our friends who have kids, and it’s really tough to manage to travel with them. But I feel, if we want to travel then we will find ways to manage even with kids. 🙂

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