True Life: I Almost Cried While Making a Baby Registry

Hello! Sorry, life has been crazy!

We are at 15 weeks–and without sounding completely naïve, I have to say that the pregnancy has been pretty easy (aka I didn’t puke ONCE!).

Now, I have heard that there are plenty of things that no one will tell you when you’re expecting, and I was introduced to that pretty early on. Oddly enough, it wasn’t about weird food cravings or how finding maternity work pants is almost impossible. It was about how unbelievably overwhelming creating a baby registry is, when you have ZERO idea where to start.

My husband and I made an appointment at Buy Buy Baby and we were greeted with warm smiles at the baby registry desk. Oh yes, it was all wonderful and easy in the stroller/car seat and furniture/sheets sections. However, when they leave you in the bottles/pacifiers/breast pump section, that’s when the sweating started for me.

I tried asking for help, really I did, but I never could seem to get a straightforward answer.

“Oh, my baby doesn’t take a pacifier”, said one employee.

“I’ve nursed my baby for her whole life. She’s never taken a bottle once”, said another.

I looked up at my husband, tears beginning to well up in my eyes (sorry for the dramatics, blame the pregnancy hormones), but we decided to take a deep breath and move forward.

Yes, I’ll admit it—after that moment, I went a little scan-happy. If it so happens that someone buys us a pacifier, and my baby doesn’t take a pacifier, then so be it. I was given the sound advice that raising your children, and HOW you raise your children, should only be of your concern. So, if it works for me but didn’t work for someone else, then that works for me.

Did any of you have similar registry experiences when having your first baby? Did you just happily walk the aisles scanning everything in sight? How much research did you do on certain items before registering?

Can’t wait to see your responses and get the chatting going!


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