The “B” Word: Budget, not Bitch

Shooting it straight right now, which I can’t say is anything unusual for me. (You will definitely learn this about me, the closer we become!)

Before I met my husband, a budget played, literally, an absent role in my life. A budget, was, truthfully, the bad “B” word. I have always been great at saving my money, and I could stretch a dollar probably farther than the average American. I never had a reason to even have a budget. However, when I met my husband six years ago, well, let’s just say my lifestyle took a significant turn.

It’s funny that it took me meeting my now husband, to see just how vital having a solid financial plan really is.

I hope I’m not alone in this thought, but I’m sure you don’t even realize how expensive a baby really is, until that blissful, nine-month rollercoaster is over.

My husband has admitted to me that it took him reading Andy Hill’s How Fatherhood Sparked My Desire for Financial Freedom to see just how important it was for us to achieve financial stability. Don’t get me wrong–we never found ourselves in any sort of financial troubles, but with my husband coming out of law school with student loans, it is obviously a priority for us to have our money situation figured out, especially with the prospect of adding another mouth to feed in the upcoming months.

I know he’ll be reading this, so I will take this moment to thank my husband for bringing budgeting into our lives. It may not be an easy road to travel, but the destination is well worth it.

Check back further into our journey and I’ll share some of our budgeting secrets!

What are some things that you did to prepare for your little one?

What Will I Tell My Daughter About Life?

My husband and I, on our drive to work, listen to TEDtalks. It is one of the many cute, little bonding things we do to supplement insightful discussions. Trust me when I say, we certainly do not need any assistance in the conversation department, but I love that it allows us time to just listen, and then reflect.

We listened to one yesterday morning that really struck a cord. Chinaka Hodge recited a bold, vivacious, and powerful poem entitled “What will you tell your daughters about 2016?” That got me to thinking: 2016? What will I tell them about life?

If I am being frank, I am fearful. Not fearful that I will not be able to teach them to be strong, but I am fearful that no matter how many times I tell them that they are enough—beautiful enough, smart enough, important enough—it may not be enough. Words are powerful and completely irrevocable. They can cut like knives.

I remember in the 7th grade, one of my girlfriends came to school wearing lipstick. Naturally, being in the 7th grade, most of it ended up on her teeth. Being a kind friend, I told her she had lipstick on her teeth and we moved on. Well, it apparently hit her hard, as she went home that night and told her mother what I had said. When we were at school the next day, she told me that her mother called me a ‘JAP’. I had no idea what that meant. When I went home that night and told my parents that I was called a ‘JAP’, their eyes widened in shock. “Do you know what that means?” They asked. I shook my head no.

They explained to me that I had been called a Jewish American Princess. What sounded like a wonderful compliment to me, was entirely the complete opposite. It is a derogatory term for a Jewish female; implying that she is a snob, spoiled, high maintenance. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was none of those things, but my friend’s mother knew I was Jewish and, to her, those adjectives must have been synonymous with being Jewish. I truly do not remember what happened to my friendship with that little girl. But I will always remember the tone in which she called me a JAP. Even though her mother was the one that called me the name, my friend now felt the same.

This is my fear for my daughters. Even though their friends may not initially feel that way, what they hear at home can impact them for the rest of their lives. I know it will be hard enough growing up Jewish, but growing up a Jewish female? I am terrified.

My husband showed me a wonderful viral article a couple nights ago; a truly wonderful way to teach young children just how important words can be. Amy Beth Gardner has a daughter starting middle school. She tells her daughter to empty a tube of toothpaste, on a paper plate. Once completed, she calmly tells her daughter to put the toothpaste back into the tube. The little girl, confused, says that it simply cannot be done. The mother looks at her daughter and explains that the same holds true for words. Once they have been spoken, they cannot be taken back.

Obviously, this holds true for not only females, but for males, as well. With all of the stories we hear of young children committing suicide, being depressed, feeling worthless, all children need to be told of their importance. What will, or do, you tell your daughters about life? How do you teach them that they are enough and that no matter what is said, nothing can strike them down? Are you hopeful or fearful for their future? Do you instill the same message in your sons? How do you teach them about treating women?

…And the Journey Begins!

Hello, world! Happy Saturday!

After my last appointment with the Gynecologist, I was given a clean bill of health and told to, “Call us when you’re pregnant!”

The only advice she left me with was to start taking pre-natal vitamins now. Okay, that’s cool and all, but with the plethora of options there are for pre-natal vitamins, where does one start???

She only said to choose one with DHA and Folic Acid–Okay, easy enough. I began my research.

Exhibit A: 796 results found for prenatal vitamins. Is this real life?

It was almost as if Amazon was speaking to me, like God spoke to Moses as the Burning Bush.

Exhibit B: Amazon Best-Seller

It was a no-brainer to choose Nature Made Prenatal Multi+DHA vitamins. Being an Amazon Best-Seller, I mean come on! I would love to know what all of you chose as your vitamin of choice, or if you also selected Nature Made?

So far, so good. No weird taste in my mouth when I burp..? (Which is oddly something I was told would happen with prenatal vitamins, so not sure if any of you experienced this). Anyway, I feel great and I’m ready to experience all the fun that comes with this journey!

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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What in the actual f*** am I doing?

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and share in my confessionals. Today is the start to, well, something beautiful.

Let me share my confessions with you:

– I am not actually a mom….yet. Well, if you count four-legged hairy kids, then I’ve got parenting down pat!

– My husband and I have made the decision to begin the journey of becoming parents, and

– I am scared shitless.

I said it. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing here, but I am entirely prepared to learn and share my journey with all of you. I know I don’t row this boat alone. I feel like every mom was once the captain of this ship. We are all inexperienced at one time, but yet with time, we learn and grow.

Here, I am prepared to share my ups and downs, my trials and tribulations (including, but not limited to the vast array of “mommy” products that flood the market), and my woes. In turn, I hope to have wonderful conversations with you, my readers, and share in all of the motherly glory. I value your opinions, your stories, your advice, and really, I hope that this can be a digital soundboard, if you will.

I hope to entertain and hope this blog will bring a little sunshine and joy to your day.