Almost 28 weeks pregnant, and I feel UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, so I must have blinked too many times, because I cannot believe that I am almost 28 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is flying by, and without jynxing anything, it has been pretty without incident. He is moving around all the time, but is still considerate enough to let me sleep throughout the night.
Earlier in the pregnancy, my skin was atrocious. I have dealt with cystic, hormonal acne since I was 16 years old. I had heard that pregnancy could alleviate that, but that wasn't really the case here. I was also exhausted. The first trimester was the worst. I was exhausted and always found myself ready for bed by 7:30 P.M., at the latest. No matter how much sleep I got, I always woke up ready for a nap. Overall, it could have been worse, but I knew I could be feeling better.

My husband and I recently made some lifestyle changes, so that we could set the best example for our son. Within a week, we feel like completely new people. My skin is the clearest it has ever been and I am shocked to see that I am not even remotely tired by 10:00 P.M. I am so energized throughout the day, and I am so happy to report that I passed my glucose test with flying colors. 

At 28 weeks pregnant, I feel better than I did before even becoming pregnant. It was as easy as flooding my body with 22 fruits and vegetables every single day, by consuming eight gummies. That's it. Nutrition really is key and I could not feel better. 

It is no secret that what we put into our bodies, plays a huge impact in our daily lives. The less nutritious food we eat, the worse we feel. We feel lethargic, we get sick more often, and our overall wellness just suffers. 

If I could scream it from the rooftops, I would. My desire to share this with others is overwhelming. Mamas-to-be can feel better; families with young children don't have to worry about how they will incorporate nutrition into their kids' diets, and people can just be healthier overall. Children as young as 6 months can take the gummies. These nutritional supplements also come in a capsule form, where you can open the capsules and put that into your child's food. This is a whole, plant-based food. 

It has not only changed my life, but it has allowed my unborn child to already have a great start, nutritionally. 

Do you feel like you incorporate enough nutrition into your diet? Do you and your kids get their daily dosage of fruits and veggies every single day? If so, what are some ways that you bring nutrition into your daily routine?


Sorry Guys, Been Busy Getting Knocked Up!

I see that it's a trend here, where I seem to always be MIA--BUT, I think I have a pretty valid reason this time.

We're pregnant! 14 weeks, to be exact. 

I certainly don't want to jynx anything here, but so far, it has been a very smooth pregnancy. Very mild nausea early on but didn't puke once, so I'll take that as a victory. No specific food cravings currently, and I'm waiting very patiently for some kind of bump to magically appear.

At my 8-week ultrasound, they found a very small cyst on my right ovary and I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage or Subchorionic Hematoma. It was also very small and apparently is quite common early on in a pregnancy. 

I attached a link above about it, for those who have not heard of it before. It basically can occur when the placenta detaches from its original site of implantation. Naturally, I was a little nervous. But when my doctor explained that she sees it more often than she doesn't, I felt much better. I am also happy to report that at my 12-week ultrasound, the hematoma had gone away completely. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this before? I have heard that larger ones can prove to be quite serious, so I would love to hear about some other experiences and how you handled it.

As for now, I'm just bumpin' along on this journey with, like I've previously said, absolutely no clue what I'm doing. So, I hope you will join me on this adventure because I could certainly use a giant support group! Stay tuned--we're talkin' registries! 

The Struggle (Seems) Real: Going Back to Work Post Baby

Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday, everyone! (I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing…)

I have been hit with this topic left and right, so I wanted to have a little chat about it. I’ve read accounts of women struggling with the decision to go back to work after their maternity leave, where some ultimately decide to become full-time stay-at-home moms.

It always hurts me to read about the pain and guilt that women feel for returning back to work, where they feel like they have chosen their careers over their children; or, on the flip side, if they decide to leave work, they are looked upon as weak and too emotional.

I came across Margie Warrell’s article on, where she pens an open letter to moms to stop feeling guilty about returning to work. Now, as not even being close to making that decision for myself, I can certainly see where the struggle could get very, VERY real. With the Women’s Empowerment movement bolstering support every single day, I can absolutely see where women do not want to fit the (awful, IMO) stereotype that females are too hormonal, emotional, and frankly, not strong enough to balance both a career and their children. Yet, they do not want their children to grow up feeling like their mother was never around enough.

I know that there are plenty of women out there, being total badasses, and creating a totally healthy work-life balance. They are the breadwinners of the family, where their husbands play the stay-at-home dad role. There are also lots of women who have made the decision to say “F it” to their job and dedicate themselves solely to their children. You know what I say? Do what works for YOU. No one can make the decision for you, and really, well, should never make the decision for you.

I would love to hear the decisions you made and how you made it work. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they? If you could offer advice to a soon-to-be mom about to make the decision, what would you say?

The Business (and Pressures?) of Getting Pregnant

Happy Saturday, fam!

Okay, so you and your significant other have made the decision to try and get pregnant. You have made it known to your friends and family that you have made the decision to try and get pregnant. Now, the only question you seem to get over and over again is, “so, are you guys pregnant yet?”

But what if you aren’t? 

I have seen and heard that for many couples that the choice to get pregnant, which seems so simple at first, can become quite cumbersome. In many cases, it seems like it becomes too all-consuming. 

For all of you Sex and the City fans, I am sure we all remember Charlotte and Trey’s (in)fertility battles, and when it was discovered that Trey was unable to have children, it ultimately destroyed their marriage. Charlotte wanted a baby so badly, and just didn’t feel that it was right for her to have to give that dream up.

So, how does one handle the pressure that comes with this decision? When people ask what’s taking so long, how does one respond? 

My husband and I believe that we are going into this as two, healthy adults, capable of making a baby, but for those that find out that that is not the case, how do you handle that? If you told people close to you, do you or did you regret it?

It’s funny, in my opinion, how a decision that is such an intimate one to make between two people, seems to become the business of so many outside parties. Once you make it known that you want to become parents, everyone thinks they know best and can offer you the best advice possible. While they may have the best intentions and your best interest at heart, their assistance might do more harm than good.

With so many factors that come into play trying to get pregnant, how did you or do you, handle the pressure?

What If My Four-Legged Kids, Hate my Two-Legged Kid?

Along this beautiful journey of our friendship, you will come to learn that those two up there, are my little men. Zeus in green and Atlas in blue; my current first- and second-born, if you will. 

They are spoiled AF, but of course they are–there aren’t any human children in the house for us to dote on left and right. I mean, they have their own Instagram account (shameless plug: @zeustheminipoodle)

That really got me thinking, though. What’s going to happen when a human child DOES come into our lives? What if the dogs absolutely hate the child, and don’t accept them into our familial pack? I have heard horror stories of when couples bring a baby home, and try to nip at the baby. I remember seeing a flyer, attached to a lamp post near my neighborhood, of a couple trying to re-home their dog, since the dog didn’t get along with the new addition. 

On the flip side, I have heard and seen wonderful stories, where dogs wholeheartedly embrace their new pack member. They cuddle with it, love it, and treat it like their own. 

Not judging a book by its cover, but please see Exhibit A

That is Hulk, of Dark Dynasty K9s. Okay, yes. You take one look at this 175-pound pit bull, muscular as all hell, and think, oh there is no possible way that this dog could ever embrace a baby into his pack? 

Please see Exhibit B:

Or Exhibit C:

This dog is FANTASTIC. This is a perfect example of how you CANNOT judge a book by its cover, and how it is 100% possible for dogs and children to live harmoniously. 

Have any of you ever dealt with this? If so, how did your dogs handle the baby? Did you find that the dog(s), in a way, understood that you were pregnant, before you even had the baby? I have heard that animals can. interestingly enough, smell the pregnancy. 

I’m hoping for the best with this one, but I may just have to keep this baby dressed in a dog costume at all times. 

NSFW: We’re Talkin’ Sex, Baby

Anyone up for a little dirty talk? Let’s not get it twisted, because in the wise words of Salt N’ Pepa, “…people might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know?”

Now, let’s get down to business. 

I’ve come across several articles that discuss how the frequency and amount of sex a couple has, can ultimately determine the sex of your baby. A co-worker and I got to discussing this one day, and she later sent me an article Pregnancy Myths Debunked by Miriam Stoppard

I scrolled through some myths like looking at a monkey while pregnant will cause your baby to come out looking like a primate, and how sitting on a bed cutting something with scissors, will cause your baby to be deformed. #IsThisRealLife?

After picking my jaw up from the floor, I came across how the amount of times a couple has sex, can determine whether you have a boy or girl, and Stoppard states this is actually true, but it has more to do with the speed at which sperm swim.

According to Stoppard, as female sperm swim slower and live longer than male sperm, having sex a few days before ovulation will mean that the female sperm are waiting for the egg. If you have sex right before you ovulate, the male sperm will arrive to the egg faster. 

I’m intrigued, but I suppose a little experimentation will have to be done! Have any of you heard of this theory? Has it proved true for you? What other pregnancy myths have you been told?

Stay tuned for later posts, as I love a little dirty talk.

…And the Journey Begins!

Hello, world! Happy Saturday!

After my last appointment with the Gynecologist, I was given a clean bill of health and told to, “Call us when you’re pregnant!”

The only advice she left me with was to start taking pre-natal vitamins now. Okay, that’s cool and all, but with the plethora of options there are for pre-natal vitamins, where does one start???

She only said to choose one with DHA and Folic Acid–Okay, easy enough. I began my research.

Exhibit A: 796 results found for prenatal vitamins. Is this real life?

It was almost as if Amazon was speaking to me, like God spoke to Moses as the Burning Bush.

Exhibit B: Amazon Best-Seller

It was a no-brainer to choose Nature Made Prenatal Multi+DHA vitamins. Being an Amazon Best-Seller, I mean come on! I would love to know what all of you chose as your vitamin of choice, or if you also selected Nature Made?

So far, so good. No weird taste in my mouth when I burp..? (Which is oddly something I was told would happen with prenatal vitamins, so not sure if any of you experienced this). Anyway, I feel great and I’m ready to experience all the fun that comes with this journey!

I hope you all enjoy your day!

I may earn possible commissions from the links in this post.

What in the actual f*** am I doing?

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and share in my confessionals. Today is the start to, well, something beautiful.

Let me share my confessions with you:

– I am not actually a mom….yet. Well, if you count four-legged hairy kids, then I’ve got parenting down pat!

– My husband and I have made the decision to begin the journey of becoming parents, and

– I am scared shitless.

I said it. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing here, but I am entirely prepared to learn and share my journey with all of you. I know I don’t row this boat alone. I feel like every mom was once the captain of this ship. We are all inexperienced at one time, but yet with time, we learn and grow.

Here, I am prepared to share my ups and downs, my trials and tribulations (including, but not limited to the vast array of “mommy” products that flood the market), and my woes. In turn, I hope to have wonderful conversations with you, my readers, and share in all of the motherly glory. I value your opinions, your stories, your advice, and really, I hope that this can be a digital soundboard, if you will.

I hope to entertain and hope this blog will bring a little sunshine and joy to your day.